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Podcasts are a great way to learn about business while you are sorting socks, running, or otherwise engaged in activities that keep you away from your startup. They’re also a rich medium. It’s one thing to read someone’s account of running a business, another to hear the excitement, or weariness, in their voice. That’s why we created Collective Wisdom for Tech Startups, a podcast that Apple called “New & Notable.”

Every two weeks we bring you the stories of founders who have built businesses large and small. We pepper them with questions about building teams, creating products, and how to find office space on a budget.

This isn’t an exercise to hear our own voices, though our host Micah Rosenbloom has a smooth tenor. Every episode is title and constructed in a way to get you the most actionable information possible. We even break out clips from every episode so you can get the gist of every episode in under a minute at a time.

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Joe is the Director of Content & Community at Founder Collective.