28 Seconds That Could Save your Startup 28 Days

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Picasso said “Good artists borrow, great artist’s steal.” Stephen Kaufer is diametrically opposed to Picasso, but he’s applied that same philosophy to his company, TripAdvisor, and has been rewarded with a market cap in excess of $10B dollars.

Kaufer has achieved outsized success by searching for shortcuts. His basic philosophy is that if someone has already figured out a way to market, run ops, or improved some other commoditized part of a business, don’t try to reinvent the wheel—steal the ideas (while respecting all patents, copyrights, and other IP, of course.)

It sounds simple, but shiny new tech platforms and “too clever by half” business strategies often conspire to keep entrepreneurs from choosing the path of least resistance and focusing on what really drives value for their business.

Don’t take our word for it—Here’s Steve Jobs making the same point:

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